Adopting a Pet

DSC 1972 copyMillions of homeless pets are euthanized in shelters every year. Countless others die abandoned on the streets.  Carolina P.A.W.S' adoption program gives a second chance to cats and dogs who would otherwise have little chance of survival.

Ensuring the best possible match of pets and people is essential to ending the tragic cycle of abandonment and abuse. For this reason, all potential adopters go through a careful screening process including an application, reference and vet checks, telephone interviews and home visits.
DSC 0392Adoption donation fees include current vaccines and spay/neuters for our rescued cats and dogs. While we make an effort to ensure that all of our animals are healthy prior to placement, it should be understood that they have been rescued and little is known about their backgrounds.

Think you might be ready to welcome a new member of your family?  Learn about our Adoption Process.