Happy Tails

Once we've placed an animal in a permanent home, we love to hear from our adopters. The bond between a person and a pet can be extraordinary - and there's nothing quite like knowing you helped make it possible!

"Duke has brought so much joy to me personally. You should feel good about this rescue, this was a big save. Thanks!"
John, Huntersville, NC

"Thank you for saving her little life so she could join our family."

Gloria, Charlotte, NC "Aden is such a sweetheart. We absolutely love him. He is fitting right in with everyone. You all have made this such a wonderful experience for us."
Wendy, Columbia, SC

"My little Bobby settled right in immediately. He's very happy here, and I'm thrilled to have him! He's such a sweet and friendly kitten, and he's getting along fine with my other cats. Thank you for bringing us together!"
Cindy L'Esperance, Charlotte, NC

"Jeremy is doing great and he has become an enrichment to our family. He is charming, loving and a bit like a little bandit. When we get up he wants to be the first with all - food, petting, playing - if not he will follow you and meaux till he gets what he wants."
Monica Janssen, Charlotte, NC

BonnieThis is Bonnie; she was rescued from an area shelter after being confiscated from her owner. She had chemical burns down her back from abuse and was very thin. Even though she was burned and neglected by her owner, the one person she should have been able to trust, it never changed her amazing personality and temperament. CPAWS was able to give her a second chance at a new life with a new family that loves her.

SammySammy came to our rescue after being confiscated from his owner by animal control. They found him starving, battered, abused and neglected. On the day we rescued him from the shelter, we could see the will to live in his eyes; he was extremely emaciated, weighing only 19lbs. He was so very sweet and loving, even after all that he had been through. We could not imagine the pain he had endured and yet he was still so forgiving. Sammy's spirit was not broken and we knew we needed to give him a second chance at a better life. He had never had the opportunity to be a part of a family that would show him the love he deserved and we wanted to give him that chance. Sammy was strong and with the help of the vet and his foster he pulled through and beat the odds. Sammy now weighs 40lbs and he is full of life. He also has a new family to call his own and they love him unconditionally. We are thrilled we were able to give Sammy that second chance at life.

Lionel afterLionel was abandoned in a dumpster behind an area vet's office. Luckily the vet staff heard his cries and took him in. He was only 2 days old! The first week Lionel fought to survive. We found a foster home for him and his foster family bottle fed him, kept him warm and gave him lots of love. They continued to bottle feed him for three months and now he is a thriving, playful kitten. Lionel is a fighter and his will to survive was simply extraordinary. He is a beautiful, sweet Siamese mix kitten that now has a second chance at life with a loving family.