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Pints and Puppies
27 Jul, 2016


Tickets are on sale now for Pints+Puppies event on Sunday at Sycamore Brewing to benefit CPAWS!

DISCOUNT SALE: Starting NOW until Wednesday at Midnight, tickets are $3 OFF, ONLY $17! Get your tickets HERE before the sale ends tomorrow!

Dress your puppy in a great costume, like this Uber Driver Pup from last weekend's event in Raleigh!

02 Jul, 2016

Help for Shiloh

No one can say with 100 percent certainty that a human inflicted that horrific burn wound that runs the entire length of this puppy's back, but let's be honest.

At the very best: a human abandoned this 10-12 week old puppy to starve in the streets of Charlotte, and somehow, someway, he was accidentally burned while fending for himself.

And at the very worst: someone not only left this puppy to slowly starve to death, but then made the decision to severely burn him before they abandoned him.

The vets who've assessed him are pretty sure the area is a burn mark, and not some other organically occurring type infection or issue.

"Shiloh," as he is now called, was scooped up by CMPD Animal Control around June 22 as a stray. He weighs 10 lbs. He was classified as a pit bull mix, but vets think he may be a lab / terrier / hound mix. Local rescues were made aware of the special-needs "All-American" puppy, and Carolina P.A.W.S. (Pet Adoption & Welfare Society) swooped in.

Shiloh is now at Piper Glen Animal Hospital where he's getting "cold laser therapy" on that wicked wound. The picture of him with those black goggles on? That was right before his first treatment. He did well. He'll have four more treatments next week and will likely need 2-3 weeks of treatment to properly heal. Of course, he's also on a regimen of antibiotics to treat his infections and worming meds to address his parasite-riddled puppy body.

Robin Essenmacher, the president of Carolina PAWS, tells me Shiloh (loose translation means "gift") is living up to his new name. He's a walking, playing, snuggling example of the gift of forgiveness. As so many animals before him, and sadly so many animals that will come after him, Shiloh doesn't cower or growl or snarl when he comes in contact with humans, despite having been terribly abused and mistreated and intentionally malnourished by humans.

"The(ir) resilience and forgiveness is amazing. He is in excruciating pain, and he's licking our faces. It's amazing. We could all learn a little something from animals," says Robin.

She also says Shiloh's burns are "the most extreme she has ever seen."

I'll save the "NC and SC need tougher animal neglect and abuse laws" for another post. We all know that.

If you want to help pay for Shiloh's medical bills, go to (a 501c3 rescue) and click on the "DONATE" button at the top of the home page. Robin wants you to know: "All funds received will go towards his treatment and care and any remaining funds would be used for other animals in our rescue. Donors will receive a tax donation receipt within a week or sooner." BTW, her group rescues 150-200 cats and dogs every year.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for caring. I should mention: I've asked CMPD to give me more info about Shiloh. I want to know if someone called in to report him as a stray or if animal control officers just stumbled across him. I want to know what street it was on. And in a perfect world, I want the person who did this to Shiloh punished.

- WCCB TV's Morgan Fogarty