Surrendering a Pet

Surrendering a pet

On occasion a pet owner may find themselves in a situation where they believe that they are no longer able to retain their current pet. This creates stress and heartache not only for the pet but also for the surrendering owner and family. Before making a final decision to surrender, we encourage owners who are at this unfortunate point to be sure they have taken all of the possible steps that might allow them to keep their pet.

Often, these steps will include pet behavior training, owner training, house training or dealing with somewhat routine veterinary needs. On occasion, issues can be remedied simply by having a frank discussion with family members about sharing the responsibility that came along with the pet. Of course, we are able to refer pet owners to trainers and veterinarians if needed.

If you have taken these steps and still believe that you will not be able to retain your pet we ask that you make every effort to find your pet a home while they are still living with you. Please remember, Carolina P.A.W.S. primarily pulls from area high kill shelters. We do not have a facility and are limited to what we can take in depending on our available foster homes. Because of the overwhelming need in this area our foster homes are almost always at full capacity. Please reach out to your local Humane Society for a list of rescues that are currently taking owner surrenders in your area.